The Wonder Wash Pressure Washing Machine

Also known as the “Sputnik” Washing Machine

– Portable
– Compact
– Needs No Electricity
– Washes Faster
– Uses 90% less water
– Uses 90% less Soap
– Colour Dyes in 5 Minutes
– Ultra Convenient
– Never Needs Maintenance
– Use It Anywhere
– Wonder Wash Washes A 2.2Kg Load In Just A Couple Of      Minutes
Wonder Wash Has An Incredible Pressure System That Forces Washing Powder Into The Fabric At High Speed For A Fast, Efficient, Economic And Very Easy Wash.
Wonder Wash is ideal for caravanners, bachelors, couples, single people, pensioners, students, barracks and even the housewife with small frequent loads like underwear, jerseys and nappies which are normally washed by hand

This Includes Free Delivery By Insured Parcel Post or Pargo

Pargo is a courier system that delivers to a central point close to you .

Click here to find a Pargo depot close to you

Now Only

R 599.00 

For more information Click Here: info@sputnikwashingmachine.co.za

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